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About the NFKA family

N.F.K.A. was formed in 1990 and has grown from strength to strength. We now have a number of schools throughout the North East of England. Our association is, without doubt, one of the largest martial arts organisations in the North East.

Since its formation it has trained many British, World and European Champions and thousands of Blackbelts, however medals, trophies and grades are not only our measure of success. Many of our students talk about the self confidence they develop through training and how they learn to respect themselves and their fellow students, due their development of skill, honesty and integrity.


Our Style

We practice a sporting style of karate with emphasis on freedom of movement and incorporating the best of traditional and modern systems. Emphasis is placed on the quality of instruction, producing well disciplined and technically excellent students. Karate is an activity that the whole family can participate in, and family participation is well catered for within the N.F.K.A.

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